The Anti-Club Club

We are a space where all are welcome. We are a nerdy cocktail bar, a natural wine bar, and your favorite dive bar all in one. We believe in accessibility to deliciousness and that a good time shouldn’t be unattainable, but rather had by all. 


We got the goods

The drinks at Yacht Club are first and foremost aimed at enjoyment - with the best quality of ingredients, care and love that make for some seriously fun (and delicious!) drinking. We lean coastal while not being tropical, we focus heavily on split based wine forward cocktails, and aim to get the most out of every ingredient that comes through our door - all of this is part of our ultimate belief and ethos in a holistic approach to sustainability.

Our wine list features some of the world’s most highly regarded farmers/winemakers at approachable price points, both by the glass and the bottle. The ever-evolving list of just over 200 labels of natural wine span the gamut from classic benchmarks to the most rebellious anti-establishment producers. Every night we pull something super special from the cellar to feature on our “Break Even Bottle” board where you can experience these rare and highly sought after wines by the ounce, at cost, because we believe that they are a luxury to be shared and enjoyed by all.

And for those that like to keep it easy, we've got you covered with cheap canned beers, combo packs, and the Old Number 7-11, which is a Jack + Coke w/ a hotdog because when we say we've got that dog in us this is what we mean.

Last but not least, the dog, the myth , the legend...Hollywood Frank! We use RiverBear Meats uncured all beef natural casing hotdogs, which are Denver’s finest in our opinion. Any dog can be made into a veggie dog, with Udi's gluten free buns available too. Food is served every night until 2 a.m.


We like to have fun



The Yacht Club crew is a dedicated group of like minded individuals all coming together with their unique perspective on the hospitality industry and a creative force like no other.